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Google Chrome Speed Dial 2 Free 11


FVD Speed Dial or Speed Dial 2 can let you create speed dial groups and back up your dials. An extension like can help you build a custom start screen too.

(adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle []).push(); With this extension, a 12 slot speed dial is added to Chrome. It can be seen when you open up a new tab. As a bonus, your bookmarks toolbar is gonna be shown at the top and down below recently closed websites will be available. To add a website to one of the 12 slots, you need to do a left double click.

V9 Speed Dial by default after installation shows a speed dial of recently visited web locations. If you want, you can add your own bookmarks to the speed dial, which can then be accessed from the top left corner Favorites tab.

When I open a new tab in Google Chrome, it's being redirected to an unwanted url. I don't know how this has happened, and I can't seem to find the relevant settings to disable the redirection and bring back the old speed dial page. How can I get rid of this

This article told you about the Speed Dials extension that adds speed dials to the Google Chrome New Tab page. However, that adds two dimensional speed dials to the page. With Speed Dial [FVD] you can add 3D speed dials and an app panel to the Google Chrome New Tab page.

To add more dials to the page, right-click and select the Add Dial option. Then enter an address in the URL text box. Press the Add Dial button at the bottom of the window to place the new speed dial on the page.

In addition, you can also add alternative backgrounds to the speed dial page. Click Background Options button at the top of the page, and then enter an image URL in the Image Source text box. Press the Apply Changes button at the bottom to add the new background to the page.

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