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Tama Serial Number Lookup

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Tama Serial Number Lookup

i bought a tama superstar kit and wanted to know the exact one i purchased..(bought it used) is there a way i can run the serial #'s to get that info.. no luck getting a hold of the Tama co. ANSWERUnfortunately, Tama does not publish a serial number identification guide. I did find a site which features the Tama catalogs and includes specs for each Superstar set.Please see: Tama Catalogs Scroll down to the second catalog and click on the first panel, then click to enlarge the specs. Hope this will help.Have you seen our Custom Made Drum TabsLynne

Tama Drums, unlike many other companies, produces everything from full kits to hardware, sticks, snares, and everything in between. Except for military drums, which are equipped with serial numbers, drums with serial numbers are not commonly found on them.

Due to tax considerations, the use of drum serial numbers is primarily for tracking the manufacture, sale, and use of drums. Pearl Masterworks kits are typically not numbered, as the only way to track a kit is to look up its manufacturing date and chemical composition. The website was closed down in December 2017. 1e1e36bf2d


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