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The Escape

She told me that a real man is hard to find,” as she sighed sinking into my arms. Exhausted from the pressures of the world, she just needed a partner that was strong. I told her to, “look no further because you now stand in the presence of your destiny. A real man that has not been tainted Or molded by times such as these. I am the dream that no longer lives in your mind. Your living breathing reality that has been sent from another time.”

Then I gave her a soft kiss, with the intent of igniting her passion. We made love beneath the sheets; her expressions told me that's what she's been lacking! She wanted to go to ecstasy, to a place where souls collide. Oh my God here comes the climax, now I'm lost in her eyes. Without her, this world means nothing to me, “just a place that the hands of time will eventually throw away.” Thankfully the moments that we've made together will forever stay. Because love is energy, and it transcends time! Creating beautiful memories that will forever live in our minds.

-E The Lover

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