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When She Comes For Me

Her touch reshaped my reality, giving birth to a moment that would spread across time. In her heart is where I found solace since it was no longer in my mind.

So it's only right that she would come for me, "to free me from the shackles of this world.” And though she bears the features of death, she will forever be my girl.

Her touch commands a smile; I get caught up in her grace! Her presence summons my soul, to lift me out of this place!

Together we walk through the threshold of time. "I experience moments of the past and present all in one." There's no fear when I feel her warm embrace, to let me know that my time here is done!

So I guess it's goodbye to this world, as we walk hand in hand upon the eternal shore. We cast our bodies into the sea of love to know suffering no more! I love you!

Sincerely, E The Seeker

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