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The Marriage

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

She left me in the bedroom shaking.

The Orgasm was too much for my physical body to contain.

So I blacked out to find myself in a realm beyond this physical plane.

As I recall, it was about two life cycles ago, when we were to plant the seeds, that would allow our relationship to grow.

You lured me in with a song, "the melody seized my soul."

Then went the light; I was no longer in control.

You saved a broken man, a prisoner inside of himself.

"A little boy in a corner, that was crying out for help."

I was never happy in the world, not even among my brothers.

Their vanity, greed, and corruption were some of the reasons, why we could never work together.

My obscurity allowed me to see things that they could not see.

So I took a chance with you and found my destiny.

I never knew that love could live on the other side.

I never knew Truth until the day that I died.

Thank you


Ernest McMillan (Alias: The Groom)

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