Updated: Apr 21

Your love is contagious! A stain on the hands of time, affecting future generations and inspiring the brightest of minds. What is it, that you see in me, a soul void of light? How am I so worthy of a being so beautiful and bright?

My life is a dream within a dream, beneath these blankets my soul sleeps in the depths of your heart and beyond the world's reach. I'm not bothered by these times Or swayed by the lives of men. I have separated myself, from a place that I was never meant to be in. You dwell among-st the angels, in a realm where there is no time, yet you reached down into purgatory, to save a life like mine. So now my life is yours; you're the rhythm to my heartbeat. “The morning light to replace the darkness in the heart of one that was sleep.”

I thank you for opening my eyes and allowing me to see, that a man can live with a goddess on the outskirts of eternity.

Piece by: E.Mcmillian

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