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The Pendulum

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

They seem to have forgotten about the value of the soul.

Those fools monetize everything!

They have captured the minds of the people...I watch as the pendulum swings.

Advertisement after advertisement, feeding them vanity and fear.

They got a stranglehold on society, and it gets tighter every year.

I had a conversation with an angel.

She told me that they watch the world with uncertainty in their eyes.

Wondering if all the greed and corruption would lead to our internal demise.

Now there's this talk about the metaverse; well I can't think of anything worse than a simulation within a simulation, “giving birth to a surrogate society, where the people stay inside and allow the financial raping.”

No more random conversations, “at least not outside of the computer screen.”

“It's like we're prisoners of our own existence, that's being sold on a dream.”

But they give us nice things, a few new toys to distract us all;

Disregarding the fact that if we turn our back on nature, that's when our society falls.

These are confusing times; too many pathways, so it's hard to see the pending doom.

Or maybe it's just the pendulum swinging, and we're really all in the same room...I wonder.

-E the truth seeker

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