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Words Of War III {The Demons}

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

I got some demons on my back. Y'all start the war, then I'll be happy to oblige. The bullet will shatter your ego, “send your consciousness to the skies.” Now the angels got your information, you can watch as they run your life back. See the day when you turned a man into a killer, and you got your shit off track. You cowards talk that gangsta shit, but really anybody could be a killer. Even the most savage beast could die; “I am the hunter if you're the gorilla.” I'll peel the...layers back to show the bitch that you really are inside, “and it's a roller coaster to hell, for your friends if they wanna ride.”

y'all come with that drama, then you gone find that The Warrior is not for play; I'll be responsible for your reunion in the afterlife, “turning your crossroads, into an eternal pathway.” Or maybe we could all just go together; I left my seeds in the afterlife, “so really I'm down to do whatever!” You're dealing with a level of vengeance that is beyond your comprehension. You think this life is the only reality, while I'm playing with multiple dimensions.

The tension is getting thicker, and where you take it, it all depends. We have bullets for your dome, in case these words don't sink in. So I suggest you stay in your lane, because your path is not the same as mine. I'm warrior that was built to last; “The Creators must've used fabric when they made your design.” You're soft as shit, “just a shadow of your aggression.” So stay the hell out of my way, before I make it a painful lesson. For real

-E The Scarred One

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